Minimal Intervention

Minimal Intervention (MI) Dentistry

MI dentistry is all about keeping your teeth and gums healthy for life. Today’s dentistry is not just about treatments to fix problems; MI dentistry is a modern and proven approach embracing whole body health and less invasive treatment options.

It is effective because it helps you and your dental team work together to reduce the damaging impact of daily life on your teeth and gums.

Here at Denmead dental we will talk you through your oral health assessments and any treatment needed during your check-ups- telling you what we are doing and why. We may ask questions about your health, diet or lifestyle and offer advice and tips about how to improve your oral health.

MI is all about you getting involved so do ask us about your care –we will be more than happy to explain and advice.

There is a wide range of care, treatments and products that falls into the category of MI dentistry, from your regular check ups to more complex diagnostic tests and simple procedures including:
  • Regular professional tooth cleaning to remove calculus (tarter) to benefit gum health.
  • Individual advice on how to improve your oral health through small lifestyle changes.
  • Fissure sealants and varnishes to help prevent cavity formation in back teeth.
  • Simple tests of your saliva and dental plaque to assess your risk of future problems.
  • Air abrasion techniques for the less invasive treatment.
  • Creams, gels and other products to apply to your teeth to prevent problems or build up lost enamel.
You can find out more about MI dentistry online at including tips for better oral health, dental for kids and our very own interactive month.
To find out more about MI dentistry, please call us on
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